Have you ever desired to own an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag but didn’t want to pay the price?  Instead, maybe you purchase a replica Louis Vuitton handbag and think: “It’s no big deal, everyone does it.”  This website is here to describe to you how wrong it is to purchase a fake Louis Vuitton product of any sort, whether it be a purse, a watch, luggage, etc.  Most consumers don’t understand the dangers and legal matters that are involved with purchasing replica Louis Vuitton bags.  If you want a high-quality, genuine Louis Vuitton handbag, don’t settle for a cheap knockoff LV handbag just because it costs less.  Has it ever occurred to you that replica Louis Vuitton might cost less because replica Vuitton is usually made of inexpensive material, and counterfeiters often use cheap laborers in their manufacturing?  A genuine LV handbag will not only last a consumer longer but also make that consumer feel better about owning an authentic Louis Vuitton product.  This website has been created to help further educate consumers about the prevalence of fake LV and how Louis Vuitton plans to put a stop to this growing epidemic.


Louis Vuitton creates very high-quality, functional, and authentic products.  On the other hand, counterfeiters manufacture knock off knock off LV bags that are cheap, disposable, and manufactured illegally.  Most consumers don’t understand how much they involve themselves with criminals when purchasing a replica LV product.  Counterfeit handbags, watches, shoes, jewelry, etc. are generally the same – poorly made and easily spotted.  The sale of replica LV items is just another way to make a criminal rich quickly and easily, while allowing them to maintain  a low profile in order to get away with their crimes.  When consumers buy replica LV products they are only making counterfeiters’ lives easier and allowing replica Vuitton bags to continue poisoning the luxury market.  Many consumers fall for the tricks counterfeiters play and think they are getting an amazing deal on a genuine Louis Vuitton product.  Instead they end up wasting their money and receive a fake Louis Vuitton bag of very low quality that is really just a counterfeit Louis Vuitton bag and not the real deal – it can be embarrassing and frustrating for you.  Counterfeiters don’t seem to care that you are paying too much for a replica LV handbag because all they think about is the money they will receive by not only knocking off genuine Louis Vuitton designs but also tricking the consumer.


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Sep 15, 2012 by Johnny M.

That's all I can say: Wow. This website has truly given me some great information. I will never consider buying a fake bag ever again. Why would I risk identity theft or a terrible, ripped-off product? Puh-lease!

Aug 08, 2012 by Emme

I have two words: Thank. You.
Your website makes it very easy to understand why people shouldn’t interact with counterfeit items. It doesn’t use a lot of legal jargon; it’s just so easy to understand. However, I think you might need to run this through a grammar check. There were a few mistakes that might make others question your credibility. 

Replicalvbag.org , USA 4.0 4.0 2 2 That's all I can say: Wow. This website has truly given me some great information. I will never consider buying a fake bag ever again. Why would I risk identity theft or a terrible